The HandyBoydz 
of Durham Region & GTA 
A little Bit About Us
We're  more then just handy. 
 We are more then just handymen.
We are skilled trade professionals with a passion
15 yrs plus experience in the industry.

We're  always looking forward to our next project big or small and going beyond my customer's expectations and needs.
My brother and I saw the need and demand for reliable hard working tradesmen  with an eye for perfection and oustanding customer service.  

Our contractors are skilled in many aspects of the trades to complete all kinds of jobs BIG or SMALL.
Sometimes we need to think out side the box like a true handy man!
and other times you need to stick to the book!
​We keep are prices competitve and fair working with everyones budget.
 We started  this  business to help improve, repair, &  maintain the value of people’s biggest investments, their homes!   
 It’s a passion for us!
We love what we do!
 So will you ;)

The top priorities for our business are:

1) Customers:
 Always meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations and needs until the end of the job.
 A happy customer is a happy customer bottom line!

2) An Enjoyable Project:

Construction projects of any kind can become a stressful experience.
We will work alongside you to make your experience as enjoyable as possible by communicating with you,
 keeping with in budget,
keeping a clean work area, working efficiently and being considerate  of your needs and considerations.


working with yourbudget to get what you want done and stay on budget  

4)  Reliability:

Showing up when when planed and staying until the job is done to your specifications

5)  Expertise:

knowing you have knowledgeable and honest persons on the job.

6)  Perfection:

My brother and I will not let imperfections slip by even if you can’t see them, we do!

This list is in No spicific order 
to what we feel is most important.


       - Licensed
       - Insured
       - Bondable            -WSIB

We accept
 Credit Cards

On Our

We Have

Licensed Electrican
Licenced Plumber
Licenced HVAC
Carpet Installers
​Interior Designers
Full Service Cleaning

Pro Landscapers
Soft Scapers/grass cutting
Irrigation Technician
Windows & Doors Specialist
Pro Quality Roofers

Trained & Certified


  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director


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